Elegant, Authentic, and Aesthetic:
Welcome to Sanjeeva Shetty Heirloom

For nearly eight decades, Sanjeeva Shetty Silks and Sarees has been the go-to destination for complete family shopping with stores in Puttur and Mangalore, India. As a family-owned clothing retailer, our journey has been long and eventful, driven by trust, customer service, and customer satisfaction.
Taking the helm of the business as a third generation, we’re proud to announce our debut in the United States e-commerce sector without compromising quality, creativity, and customer service. Introducing The Sanjeeva Shetty Heirloom — making Kanjeevaram silk sarees accessible and affordable to the Indian diaspora in the US. Our online inventory is meticulously curated, keeping every woman in mind, so you can make a hassle-free purchase without waiting for your next India trip. We want to make saree shopping effortless and stress-free, with in-house designers and karigars to stitch your dream blouse.

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Elegant, Authentic, and Aesthetic:
Welcome to Sanjeeva Shetty Heirloom


Ready to Wear

Our expert craftsmen are trained to deliver meticulously detailed embroidery and perfectly stitched blouses every time.

Handcrafted Elegance

Each saree is a masterpiece of intricate design and skilled weaving, resulting in a garment that’s truly unique and bespoke.

Luxurious Quality

From the smooth, silky texture to the vibrant colours and intricate patterns, our sarees exude luxury and sophistication.

Shop By Occasion

Redefining the Saree shopping experience since 1944

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